Washers: Each of our 32 washers are top of the line. Our washers are reasonably priced and available in four sizes.

20 lb. washers -  $2.25 per load
30 lb. washers -  $3.25 per load
40 lb. washers -  $4.25 per load
60 lb. washers -  $5.75 per load

Dryers: Our dryers are low cost and economical. Our prices are less expensive than laundry facilities surrounding our location.

.25 cents for 7 minutes

Wash and Fold Services: ​ Our devoted staff will carefully handle your laundry, so you can relax. We also offer quick and reliable turnaround!

 .95 cents per pound ($12 minimum)

Corporate Wash and Fold Services: We provide free pick up and delivery to your business. Please contact us regarding special pricing for corporate accounts.

Alterations: Pricing varies dependent upon garment. Please come see us for pricing.

We strive to always keep our store clean to ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

We sell soap, detergent, fabric softeners, bleach, dryer sheets, bags and hangers. We also provide:

- Clean facility

- Spacious folding tables
- Plenty of seating

- Air conditioning
- Cable TV
- Soda & Snack machine

Laundry Services and Pricing:

San Juan Coin Laundry